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Default firing ports /combat form the hatches

My opinion -be they humble ,they are still my own

1) firing ports are only useful in a few very special situations ,if you are in a tracked vehicle you could possibly drop frags out if they are really close -other than that if anyone gets close enough to actually be engaged from the port you might as well run them over -shooting from one is worse than shooting from the hip with youir face turned away ,and sprays the whole crew compartment with brass

2) fighting from an open hatch is pretty much the only way if you are not going to deploy the squad or use onboard armament-but risky due to enemy fire and not very effective as you bounce around like a popcorn in the pan if the terrain isnt smooth tarmac.I would say you have about 1% chance of hitting something with an assault rifle from the hatch if traversing bumpy terrain in speed .From the firing port it is even less.But a 200 belt will yield at least 1 or 2 hits I guess.Rule wise I would say :" these shots are taken on a rangebanner that is 24 times the actual distance"

3)enough space inside is essential to maintain operative status over time and to be able to travel any substantial distance .Traveling prolonged in a BTR or maybe even a M113 equals fatiguepoints as I see it .

4) If you have moved your apc in to an area where you are attacked in a manner that requires you to fight back from your firing ports you have fucked up in the first place-one of the rules of armoured combat vehicle managment - be able to efficiently cover the terrain in your immideate surroundings -otherwise the APC is more of a deathtrap than a weapon with all its blind spots and limited escape options for the crew and squad.

Now as I said - all in my humble opinion based on what I know of APCs.
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