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Originally Posted by Matt Wiser
For which we should all be grateful. A nasty volcanic event can have change: one Volcano went boom in 1816 and there was so much ash and dust in the atmosphere that there was quite a bit of coolling; snow during July in New England if I'm not mistaken, to give one example.

Weren't some of the nuclear winter forecasts assuming that every detonation would be a ground burst?
I've heard about that "Year Without a Summer." I think there wwas a similar one in 1709 where people said it was so cold, the wattles and combs on their chickens and roosters froze and fell off, but the chickens survived. I've also heard that sometimes trees "explode" from the frozen sap. I talked to one person who back in the 1970's had the same thing happen to their chickens (and exploding trees) during the bitter winter of 1976/77. I remember we missed like 16 days of school that year because they had problems piping up natural gas from New Orleans to the North.

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