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Originally Posted by Matt W View Post
A couple of points

New York (and the North East in general) are more urbanized than Kentucky and Tennessee. I can see their death rate being HIGHER than 95%.

Recovery in the "canon" KFS may be better than you are assuming. They have had a fairly stable political and economic system for over a century and their medical/education system is good enough to train Emdees. I suspect that the population would be nearer 2 million than the approximately 1 million that you show for Kentucky/Tennessee
Good points

I went with the 95% die off as per canon. But I do agree that areas such as New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania would probably suffer much higher numbers, but as of yet, I cannot determine just how high to go, would a couple of more percentage points work? But examining the mineral resources, salvage (especially high tech) as well as the agricultural potential of the rural areas, are all factors that should be considered in going with a higher population base.

As for Kentucky/Tennessee, both states have large rural areas, but a significant amount of their populations are located in their metro areas. I'm comfortable with a 0.8% birthrate, plus note that, as of yet, I've not included any indentured servants of any slave population in the Free State population. How large a percentage this should be, who knows?
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