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Ah! I inserted several events that I've picked up reading post-oops books, in the 25 year period following the war, I dropped birthrates down to 0.2% to account for the breakdowns in sanitation, loss of modern medical facilitates and the loss of modern medications.

In the second 25 years, I increased the birthrates gradually up to 0.4%, assuming the awakening of the Rich Five, the opening of their stockpiles and the reconstruction of an industrial base, allowing a chemical industry.

In the third 25 year period, I assumed that the KFS would commence a serious expansion into its neighboring territories, leading to casualties among its military, and lowered the birthrate down to about 0.35% to account for the commitment of large numbers of troops.

At the 75 year point, I started fudging numbers in an attempt to determine the numbers of survivors who joined the Free State in an attempt to better their lives. I've ran several sets of numbers before I settled on a "realistic" number of 400,000, scattered across the ten state region. Then increased the birthrate up to 0.8% for the next 75 years.

I wish that I could say that I was able to use more precise numbers to plug into a formula, but this scenario is incredibly hard to be precise. A nuclear-biological war that kills off 95% of humanity both directly and indirectly, even the declassified studies from the Cold War have widely different SWAGs in how the populations would be affected.

I'm going to stand by my numbers, at least for my version of the Free State, and I look forward to the feedback and opinions!
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