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In no way was I disputing your numbers. I was concerned that I might have an error in my formula somewhere when I wasn't matching you.

The myriad possibilities in a TEOWAWKI scenario are precisely why I choose to use standard projections. Otherwise, I'd be calculating the population broken into age groups, assigning fertility, mortality and migration rates to each and it quickly becomes unmanageable (at least for me).

For anyone that wants a quick way to play with population projections, I've attached my spreadsheet. I did modify it so that multiple periods of differing growth can be run, similar to your KFS scenario.

There are 3 worksheets in the file:
1. Standard - runs projections based on your input of Die-Off % and then Growth Rate % and Time (Years) for up to five (5) consecutive periods. If Growth Rate is left blank, the corresponding population column is also blank.
2. Less Major Metros. Same as item 1 but removes the population of the top 100 cities prior to beginning calculations.
3. Top 100 Cities - This is just a list of the top 100 populace cities from the 2000 census and is used as background data for item 2.

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