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thanks for a great weekend guys.

sadly deCorba wasnt there -well not in the flesh anyways..

Food ,drink and company as always totally grand.

see you around guys.

Thinking of driving back east to the Tigercity in october or november for a weekend of more FtF.

I can make pick ups in the capitol of the south.

For those not present or who were to slushed to remember - a brief after action report :

The party has been huddeling in an abandoned basement for over a week ,laid low by fatigue,gunshot wounds,infections and rad sickness.After the rations are gone they live of the mangy dogs,scrawny rats and filthy crows they are able to shot or trap.

Signs of the NDP manhunt operation drawing closer increase -and inevitably the partys end of the vast farming area is searched.

The party has prepared well,fortifyuing their house and have placed an IED on the access road.Two characters take up positions outside the house ,in a nearby building and under cover of vegetation in a nearby field.

A long line of squad sized units and trucks make up a cordon and search teams go in and routinely kick down all the doors,look in all the culverts,bayonet every haystack and so on.As a squad converge upon the partys house the tension rises more and more - and then in the last possible moment before they reach the house a string of shots ring out .3 NDP troopers drop wounded in their MOPP suits and shooting starts from several quarters.NDP squads double time it over the fields to get to cover and get a good firing position.Jeeps carrying LMGs starts speeding down the dirt roads hosing the building with machine gun fire.

The NDP squad closest to the house is caught in the open by the PCs ambush and break.The rout is a bloody one with all squad members being shot dead or wounded.Another squad takes up position in a nearby farmhouse only to be met with several rifle grenades and deadly sniper fire from the PCs.

The NDP take cover and start lobbing RPGs ath the partys farm house - they do not yet know what their enemy is ,and possibly suspect it to be ordinary marauders.Something about the fierce resistance makes the company commander wary though .

Another attempt to manouver squads to storm the house has to be given up due to an efficient counter barrage of rifle grenades from the house and more sniping .

Considering the amount of suppressive fire that whomever he has trapped in the house is taking from his troops without their resistance ending,the NDP commander figures its time for some support .He has now lost 10 men wounded, 6-7 KIAs and several vehicles are not responding on the comms and must be considered lost/destroyed.

He disengages his platoons and the area is cordoned of at safe distance .(What is safe distance from the party anyways?)
A dinged and bruised PainTek P-47/2000 roars in strafing the farmhouse with its .50 cal HMGs and lets fly a cluster of 66 mm rockets to boot. The barn is blown up and starts to smoulder and the house is perforated to am extent. This does not end the resistance ,however ,and NDP troops take fire as they move in again.

Certain that his enemy is a high value target ,by know, the NDP company commander calls in more CAS and concentrate on the house.

But by now the party has had enough - they decide to shoot their way out and take their chances in the open.
( Admittedly ,they didnt make the conlcusion jointly ,but start to run away in pairs or one by one

A second sortie of Paintek P-47/2000s arrive and 1 x 125 KG Paintek GP-2 Bomb (HE) hits the farmyard blowing the roof of the house clear of ,and collapsing the rest of the house in a heap of debris on top of the groundfloor of the building .

The partymembers in the house were Doc Johnson,IronMan and Fm.DeCorba.
IronMan and Johnson manages to crawl out of the debris ,and take of crawling along ditches and through the rotten fields ,always with bullets whizzing overhead.

DeCorba is nowhere to be found-not that anyone took any time to look .

Lt.Benito Tecumseh Pain and "Grease " Lincoln have had positions outside the farmhouse.They both try to slip away crawling through ditches and running through the rotten corn fields.The NDP pursue them relentlessly,getting as close as 20 meters before being routed by handgrenades and rifle fire.

Towards the end of the engagement the party has ( mysteriously ) all decided on the same course of action without really having any means to talsk about it .( No comms).They drag their wounded and dirty bodies along the bottom of a ditch towards an abandoned 4wd SUV that has been knocked out earlier in the fight.(Crew all sniped ).

The whole incident has taken around 1 hour and 40 minutes . Twilight -and the possible aid of darkness in slipping out is around 60 minutes away.

We will start the next session with the party crawling along the ditch towards the abandoned PainTek "Scout-2" 4WD.
Well-almost the whole party that is - DeCorba will start in another position .
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