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Default Flora

Has any one give thoughts on weird flora? I have of late and have two throw out to everyone:

Snow moss: actually a mutated lichen, that grows in moist areas in late fall on the south side of forests. It is white in color, hence its name, and has a unique medicinal property-it can expedite to heal wounds, that is scab the wound over. This would apply to cuts and gun shot wounds. The duration is a variable per the PD. The Snow Moss has to be kept moist or it loses it curative property after a few hours.

Honey Suckers: a mutated Honey Suckle plant that eats meat. Not unique but it has mobility! It moves in groups of 10-20 plants that can project a psionic ability of immobility to cause a paralysis in the victim(s), plus it makes a high pitched sound like an 'EEEEEE' as it moves. The sound is caused by the tiny feeler 'hairs' on the mobile roots. All this is preceded by a sweet, sickly smell of a honey suckle plant.
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