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Looking at the likely target list I am surprised at Marseilles coming thru intact but it may just be that the Soviets only hit so many targets in France before the French govt hit back and said either stop or we fully support NATO

Targets high on the list and thus probably hit

The La Mede Refinery in Châteauneuf-les-Martigues along with the Lavera Oil Refinery

The Normandy Refinery in Gonfreville along with the nearby port of Le Havre

The adjoining Refineries of Port Jérôme and Gravenchon that are on the Seine River

Just hitting those targets takes out over half of French refining capability

If the Soviets wanted to show the French they arent kidding around they could hit the Grandpuits Refinery - it supplies all the gas to Paris and the surrounding area and its close enough to Paris that it would shake the French govt

Given that Paris is obviously damaged the question is did the Soviets hit it with a nuke or are we talking about either a conventional attack or widespread rioting that damaged large areas of the city?

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