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Originally Posted by shrike6 View Post
I agree I see... the US helping to buy T-55 and T-62 variants from allies Israel, Egypt, etc) rather than M1s being sold.
Good call. I hadn't thought about facilitating third-party sales. Soviet-made weapons would probably be easier to integrate into the PLA's force structure than US-made gear due to commonality of parts, and training (most indigenous Chinese AFVs at the time were based on Soviet designs, if not direct copies).

Originally Posted by shrike6 View Post
As far as aircraft. I could see the F-20 going into production as well as some older aircraft being sold such as A-4s, and A-7s, possibly F-4s. Helicopters, Blackhawks and Hueys along with some variants of the Cobra.
How about these?

I see the A-7F Strikefighter and F-20 Tigershark as being a bargain one-two punch for the Chinese Airforce.

In my T2kU, once the USA enters the war, the USAF takes delivery of ex-ANG reserve A-7Fs converted from Bone Yard A-7 stocks. This would make even more sense if the conversion process had already started up (to supply the PRC).

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