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Default real life feel in a PC

PC -player character then ,obviously ..

In our campaign we have had some fairly interesting family issues that I added to expand it to another level .

Pcs have married and had kids in most cases .They have also had rows with their spouses and children ,and been forced into doing something that they rather wouldnt by their significant other

Troublesome inlaws have been around too , with snide comments and negativity etc .

Also we have the PCs develop disorders like substance abuse,sleeping disorders and rage fits etc that may or may not affect their skill checks .These develop as a result of witnessing /conducting atrocities,enduring horrifying wounds and pain,mental pressure and stress,etc .

Pretty much every PC has a dark secret and pops pills ,drinks or get fatigued from lack of sleep as well as haveing some kind of stress in the family situation .

I guess its that machinegun toting lifestyle.

So we do try to add a dimention to it thats outside the graph paper maps and stat sheets for assault rifles .
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