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These are some excellent points. I have always wondered just what the filp-flap the MP planners were thinking???!! A ranch on TOP of a mesa?? FLY A HELO through a tunnel????

I did like the idea of the "Morrow Air Force". Very usefull aircraft with known capabilities. I also liked the FASCME idea. (If I mis-qutoed the name, my bad, I do not have Prime Base at my fingertips right now )

Krell has always been a puzzle! The who, what, where, and when of the Krell Empire, at least as presented to date, does not seem logical.

A "typical" leader under Krell might have the thought. "Gee, the Boss is asleep right now. I am in charge right now. Maybe the Boss's sleep tube will have a critical OOOPS.... "

End of Krell empire, kind of like end of Alexander the Great's empire. Once the squabble starts as to just WHO is in charge....chaos ensues.

Enough for now... RL is peeking it's head in the door, I have to go to work.

My $0.02

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