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This is what I had originally considered..

The highest rank I had was the rank of Director that would come in grades, each grade would coorespond with the level that the director would hold... National, Regional, State, COG.

Then you had the rank of Team Leader that also came in grades that corresponded with the level that the team leader holds in the chain of command of the COG they are assigned.

Then you have the rank of Deputy Team Leader that i don't think wouldn't have been broken down into grades...

Then you would have the 'ranks' that would be dependent upon a person's jobs/duties that would each have three grades that also correspond with a persons duties inside the overall structure of where the team falls inside of the COG..

Supervisor (Chief Supervisor, Senior Supervisor, Supervisor)
Operator (Chief Operator, Senior Operator, Operator)
Technician (Chief Technician, Senior Technician, Techncian)
Trainee/Recruit (two grades of Senior Trainne/Recruit and Trainee/Recruit)

I had thought of a modification of old naval ranks since they are based on very 'functional' operations.

Team Leader (aka Captain)
Deputy Team Leader (aka Lieutenant)
Chief Petty Officer
Petty Officer
Leading Specialist
Able Specialist

Omega Level Secret (single grade used for the project's national leadership positions only)
Ultra Secret (regional / national project directors)
Top Secret (regional and state level directors)
Secret (state and COG level directors)
Confidential (the rank and file project members)

I had wanted to go with a color level for security nomenclature as well based on the seven colors of the visiual spectrum that went with these various security levels (violet as the highest and red the lowest)... I just haven't been able to get everything to link up yet.

The ideas of the nomenclature for the various grades within the security levels (from highest to lowest) that i've thought of using has been...
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
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