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Talking Good Luck, You're on your Own! (T2K Fanzine Thread)

I'm happy to announce the 1st Issue of the Twilight: 2000 fanzine!

Thanks to the contributions of a few people, I easily had enough material to create a decent first issue. I hope that people like it, and that it helps spur some more contributions from people for future issues!

For the time being, this file is going to be hosted on Yahoo Groups, though I have made the file viewable to all people, not just members.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, as are more contributions! You can either post on this thread, or you can email me at Twilightgrimace_at_gmail_dot_com

You can find the 1st issue here:

and also here (if you don't have a Yahoo ID)

And it is also being hosted at:

I hope you all enjoy!

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