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Originally Posted by Tegyrius View Post
Some weapon stats may have been posted on the old 93GS forum and never saved when it went away. It's also possible that we ran the calculations on those calibers in response to fan requests and never actually generated "official" stats. The inclusion of .17 HMR is odd and I can't recall ever stating out a rifle that fired it. On the other hand, I am astonished that I never published stats for anything in 7.62 Tokarev... it's possible I ran those numbers for the Czech weapons sourcebook I never wrote.

- C.
What other regions/nations were planned for publication besides Czechoslovakia?

I'm in the process of taking the core, addendum, and shooters guides and reassembling a personal document to roll all the weapons into one document, apply errata, and rearrange sections (e.g. equipment before combat, exploration and upkeep after combat).

I'm thinking that running through the v2 supplements to bounce off the list of weapons might be a worthy endeavour (and maybe segregate availability by era). Is there a similar set of guidelines for heavy weapons and vehicles as there is for small arms? It looks like the heavy ordnance uses a variation in the demo points to determine equivalent amount of TNT, but I'm struggling with the Blast and Frag values.
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