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Originally Posted by kalos72 View Post
Was there a strategy to the number of boltholes/regional bases and the like?

Did they say one bolthole for every 3 counties or something? One regional for 3 states?

Did they go by area or population?

Any of your personal thoughts on this thread are always welcome please!!!
3rd edition never gave any guidelines, just talked about a couple of bases and you were on your own.

Most of the work in this field has been fan based and the results can be interesting...

IMHO the best route to go is to divide the U.S. into regions of 4-5 state's, place a regional command team, next look over the local universities, research labs and place science teams to cover. I generally assign a Recon Team a area of roughly 200 miles, then modify based on my estimated survival population, on average this will place between 3-8 recon teams per state, then I add another 3-4 teams working directly for the command team to cover areas of special interest. MARS teams are assigned at one per state, sometimes being raised to as many as three depending on estimated populations, presence of military bases, terrain features that would be vital for communications.

What you then wind up with is a command team, 4-6 science teams, roughly 18-24 recon teams, and 4-9 MARS teams for a region. I typically add a Delta Base type supply center with its support group, perhaps 2-3 medical teams, depending on my estimated survivor population, another 1-3 engineering teams. All told, roughly 400-600 Project personnel in a region.

I then get into a discussion with my wife and wind up adding a team here, taking one from there, killing off a couple depending on were a nuke hit, perhaps flooding, etc.

Hope this helps!
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