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Originally Posted by weswood View Post
I also heard New Zealand women are the sluttiest in the world. Not that that is a bad thing!
Originally Posted by kato13
While this is potentially very offensive, I suppose technically there would be a country whose women average the most sex partners.
I suppose it is possible. I'm not offended but perhaps a better term would be "sexually liberated". It is probably a cultural thing. For a first world, western nation New Zealand isn't very conservative in terms of sex and related matters. New Zealand was the first modern day democracy to give women the vote (even before Australia did) and in the indigenous Maori society women are considered to be equal. Sex education starts early in NZ schools too. So suppose it might just be the case that NZ women have fewer sexual hangups than women in other western democracies.

Being a New Zealander myself, obviously I have dated quite a few New Zealand women and they were all fun in bed. Unfortunately most of them were also a bit crazy. I think when I was younger I was kind of subconsciously attracted to slightly unhinged women.
"It is better to be feared than loved" - Nicolo Machiavelli
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