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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
There's already a precedent for small powerplants "in a box" with radio-thermal generators.
They've been used on satellites for some time and use a small amount of radioactive material to generate electricity via some effect that means they don't have to use moving parts.
A better explanation than mine can be found on the wiki page: -

Although they aren't suited for generating large volumes of electricity, they are useful for powering small facilities (the Soviet Union used them to power unmanned lighthouses in remote locations) and because they can be portable, they might suit some Team needs but...
they tend to be expensive (although I think Morrow Industries could probably manufacture enough of them to offset the costs).

Now you got me jumping down rabbit holes again.....
We old schoolers need to get together and hash out a really good updated timeline/ universe, equipment, gear, etc.. I love playing the MP and even GMing it even more... There is so much more that could be introduced and added ......
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