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Hello everyone!

I'm Max; I'm a big fan of gaming (board games and RPGs); and allthough I only have a very limited experience playing T2K (one game of 1st Edition back in the mid 80s; and more recently running a d6 version of the game); I've been familiar with the game for a long time.

While in the home games I ran I used the d6 system (at the time I only had the 1st Edition; I have since acquired the 2nd edition and I'm interested in trying it out at some point int he future) and I also modified the timeline and storyline a little bit.....for example; I had no war between the USSR and China; instead I had them ally with each other; but that's another story!

Anyway; I'm glad to have found this site and in particular; I like to read about the actual game sessions and campaigns that people have played/are playing.

Thanks for running a great site and I'm happy to have found it!

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