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Hello forum followers.

I am currently serving in the military and have been for the last 13 years. I started as an Infantrymen in the USMC, and now am a Tactical Air Controller in the Air Force. If you are unfamiliar with Controllers I will give a brief description. We are aligned with the Army but get pulled to work with any ground maneuver force in the battle space. My doctrinal job is to plan for and then execute airstrikes. I can do this from an operation center but far more frequently than not I do it from a radio on my back while I am on a patrol. In addition due to our position we end up being made a sort of jack of all traded, we work anything that drops out of the sky, be it Indirect fires, UAVs, intel platforms, rotary, or fixed wing. Many of us also gain more specialized skills though any number of schools that become available to us. To boil it down the best way I can describe it is I'm a decent Infantrymen with a wide variety of specialized skills and I bring the biggest gun in the fight to bear.
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