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Been looking thru my copy of City of Angels and also Challenge 27 and have a pretty good idea for where they got the Mexican forces in the module

Looking at Force Green, Red, Yellow and Orange they are most likely all describing the 1a Brigada - that force had 1100 men and 6 AFV's, possibly reinforced by men from the 2o Regimento Caballeria which had 500 men and 2 AFV's

The four forces had 1350 men but way too many AFV's for the Mexican Army - if they had that many left in 2001 they wouldnt have been stopped in 1998 short of the Oregon border

However I do like the movie prop idea - i.e. damn look at all those AFV's we better not take them on - and there go the US forces pulling back from prop vehicles that look tough but except for the machine guns on them nothing else works
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