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In your concept for the Project, how good an idea does the Project have of when the war will happen? The original idea was that they knew the approximate time, and could therefore plan, but the less they know of the date the more the complexity grows to absurd proportions. More importantly, if they were off by decades, then they didn't really know the war was going to happen. Ten years past "the date", how are they going to handle all the staff saying "yeah, this isn't going to happen so I would like to *stop* living in a hole in the desert and maybe go have some fun and contribute to society in post-cold-war America!"

Staff at Prime Base cannot rotate out - too big a security compromise, and they would be too old for field teams. Likewise, rotating someone in from a field team assumes that the best people for PB are in those teams and not available to be recruited from the general population - unlikely. The issue of families raises the significance of either knowing roughly when the war is going to happen or not having civilians at Prime Base - this is a recipe for a quick rebellion.

As to all the upgrades, TMP should be aiming to get it right the first time, because there is no way that Prime Base can stay hidden if every few years someone is showing to upgrade this or replace that. The Project had technology from the future, there is no good reason why they would not have been able to manufacture 2020's tech in the 1980's, upgrading should be limited to the last-minute innovations of actual Project staff.
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