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Originally Posted by gamerguy View Post
I really think you should check these out to get a feel how time travel may/should/could work.
There are many options for time travel, but, and this is important, this is not really a time travel story. We get to select how time travel works, but we do so to support the real story, that of a plucky band of high-tech saviors 150 years post apocalypse. The details really only matter with respect to being internally consistent and steering towards that story.

There are parts of this that I like. At the end of the tv series, for example, it looks they address the observer effect and how to work around it (see also the movie Millennium and Heinlein's last few books). But this story focuses more on the story of the time travelers, BEM in our case, and really we only really care about the world as it exists after his last change... if any.
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