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Originally Posted by natehale1971
I had went with uniforms that where just as rugged and utility enough to be on par with US military uniforms, i did a design that would give the project a professional appearence, be comfortable, and not scream "MILITARY" at the top of their lungs. the uniforms would give the appearence of authority, but still be 'unusual' enough that MP personnel would be able to perform all kinds of duties.

I just wish i still had the notes for the colors for the berets...

Scarlet Red (Mars teams)
Light Blue (Science teams)
Tan (Recon teams)
Khaki (RAT teams)
Dark Green ()
Light Green (Agricultural teams)
Maroon ()
Pink ()
Light Grey (Pheonix team)
Dark Grey ()
Black (Maintenance & Support)
Brown ()
White (Healthcare & Medical teams)
Dark Blue (Maritime services)
Powder Blue (Aviation services)
Orange (bases and facilities)
Yeah I had a similar feeling about the military appearance until the logic of the ACU multi environment camouflage solved a few logistical issues I had. Also given I am using modified HMMWVs and M-16s if figured the "non-military" appearance was a lost cause.

Good work on the berets.
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