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I think you're getting stuck on the word 'uniform' and not getting why the project would have created the different types of attire that was made for the project personnel in this modest proposal I had made. But I had come up with the various types of uniforms for one very important reason.

Group Identity.

You need to remember something about the Project... It was created by Bruce E. Morrow who KNEW that things would go hay-wire and the project would sleep 150 years after TEOTWAWKI instead of the 5 years they had planned for. But he had to work with a group of Industrialists whom would have brought into the mix their own ideas on GROUP IDENTITY.

You keep focusing on the term 'walking out unifrom' that i used to describe the semi-formal dress. Yes the Morrow Project walking-out uniform is basically a dress uniform. But I used the term 'walking-out uniform' since it was used by most european nations to describe the nicest uniform that personnel are issued that they can wear when they are going 'out' and it isn't too ornate and wouldn't draw to much attention to them as their Parade or Ceremonal uniforms would.

The Project has the semi-formal uniform for its personnel to wear during high profile meetings and gatherings, and believe it or not, would have been something that a Corproate Public Relations rep would have pushed REALLY REALLY HARD for.

Remember that the Council for Tomorrow was a bunch of corprate leaders. And their PR types would have put a very simple motto into their heads that is also very true... "It's not just important to be seen doing good things, you have to look good while doing them!"

Thus I had the project created the Semi-Formal Uniform that I refered to as their Walking-Out Dress... It's basicly just a really nice business suit and tie that they would wear with their nicest beret. I inculded the Sam Brown belt & holster in the description can be left off if personnel feel that being seen as armed would just be 'overkill'.. But I put the gunbelt as part of the uniform description since the Project really wants it's people to be able to protect and defend themselves at all times.

The fact that the Project is a humanitarian organization, dedicated to the reconstruction of civilization (and the reestablishment of the United States) they would really have to keep PUBLIC RELATIONS in mind while they would have been doing their work. I had found out that even standard security guards that are working at major corporations have dress uniforms to wear to look good when cameras are around during public events.

I described the various MP uniforms has being non-militaristic as possible, since the project would really be trying to present themselves as a non-aggressive and non-military organization. Instead of the US Army BDU style uniforms so I went with the style of battle-dress uniforms that were worn during the Second World War that looks alot like something Police Officers would wear (the rugged uniform with a nice shirt and tie).

I have been looking into something to help keep project personnel save... And not look as if they are wearing anything offensive. I have been looking at the 'Underarmor' underwear... long sleeve and long pants that would be made of a low-grade resistweave. It wouldn't be as strong as the field uniform, but it would still give some protection when worn under their 'street clothes' but isn't something that would give extra protection while worn under their resistweave field uniform.
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