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Originally Posted by stoner63 View Post
I am saying that if you have to have and everyday, non-mission specific set of reasonable presentable, durable clothes that was toned down into a plain-ness you might got shot at less and lower your casualties...maybe.
Again, just my thinking on that...
My opinion is that if you project strength you are less likely to get shot or captured. I don't have smaller than 10 man units. I have more small arms firepower at all levels. The world the units are supposed to wake up in is going to be a very violent place, and those who have survived are not idiots. If violence is on their minds they will project it at the weakest they will find.

Once the teams link up and start to stabilize areas then the militarism can be reduced, but out of the bolthole I want my teams to appear about as appetizing to marauders as a porcupine.

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