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Originally Posted by natehale1971 View Post
I'm trying to come up with how the Project would name each of it's bases.

We have Prime Base, the national headquarters for the entire project. Thus it's name, PRIME Base. And we have the name of the automated Regional Supply Base Delta that is located somewhere in western Kentucky. We also have Commo Base Kilo Echo as an example of a manned communications facilities...

But what kind of names should we use for the other bases?

I had thought of naming bases after the 'greek' alphabet to fit into the regional supply base Delta. But i really think that should only be used for the names of the automated supply bases.
I agree with this nomenclature. In one game we had a Automated Supply Base in Eastern North Carolina that was called Epsilon.

The naming of teams does not seem to follow a set pattern.

In the games I have been in, we typically run our teams in and around NC (where we live). We use NC - R/S/M/E (for the type of team) - ##
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