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Originally Posted by kato13 View Post
I still feel that it is a security risk to go with incremental numbers. It does not have to be KFS it could be a newspaper reporter or an ATF official who runs across the number. If a reporter comes across TX-R-01 and TX-R-24 and puts together what that means, they could possibly extrapolate the overall size of the project.
That's always possible, no matter what kind of method you use outside of the one that had originally been used by the writers of MP. But i have been told that even they didn't have a reason why they provided names to the teams. but i had always felt that with the fact that the Council for Tomorrow had controls over all the different kinds of organizations that would have 'blown the whistle' on the Project, that protected them from that. plus we have evidence that even the federal government has been taking part in keeping any news of the project from getting out since the Federal Government launched the Snake-Eaters to keep an eye on the project.

But we have used the same process for the numbering in the US Navy for ships and submarines (SSN, SSBN, CVN, ect.).

We really need to remember that it's not been until recently with the internet that we have gotten alternatives to the mainstream media (take for example, post-WW2 the situation in Germany with the allies not providing food and medical to the German civilians in occupied Germany). and if the mainstream media didn't follow a story it either died or became part of the 'conspiracy-of-the-week' fringe group that exists out there that the mainstream really enjoys presenting as a bunch of crazies that shouldn't be taken seriously. Such as the 'Roswell-alien-crash' types, the 'aliens-abducted-me-and stuck things in my butt' types, 'the Bush Admin orchestrated 9/11' and the 'moon-landing-was-faked' groups.

Now, I've always assumed that the Council for Tomorrow was able to use it's connections and / or control over the national media to keep any mention of the project for getting out or even to discredit anyone who tried to go public with any possible leaks of information. Kind of like in the Nick Cage movie 'National Treasure'-series of movies where you had some members of the Freemasons still in positions in the government who where able to cover up all kinds of things (the President's Book-of-Secrets or the fact that Ben Gates and his team where able to keep from going to prison after stealing the US Constitution for example).

In my notes on the Council for Tomorrow, the missing tapes made by President Nixon that caused so much trouble for him dealt with him being briefed about the Project... And to keep any 'Official' records that would be able to be effected by the laws on 'release of information' getting to that data.

Of course alot of this does goes back into an aspect of the project that very few take into consideration... The Public Relations efforts that would be launched once the project goes active.

I've worked out the Project 'news sheets' that would take the place of 'news papers' that would be produced by the project to keep the country informed on all of the different programs that the project would be launching, and keep the public 'informed' on how 'well' the project is progressing.

Is part of the Project would have networks that would distribute news sheets, radio and TV news reports.. but i still haven't come up with how it would be organized.
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