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Originally Posted by kato13 View Post
Given the variation in state size I would think it would have to be some other term.

I have come across several governmental structures which followed the Region->Sector->Division structure. The only problem I see is the odd sound of "Sector Director" when you say it out loud.
using 'Sector' might work... especially the division of large states with alarge population would need to be figured out.. but with a state like Alaska that has alot of of territory, but not that large of a population might actually be a godsend to the project. it wasn't as likely to face alot of nuke strikes, and could have been one of the locations of the major supply depots and pre-existing manufacturing facilities of the project. especially the 'project communities' that had been created that where the backbone of the project before they had created the cyrogenics to freeze people to sleep through the war.

how do you guys handle the project communities that where established in those areas that where suppose to weather the storm as it were and be used as the core of the reconstruction efforts of the project?
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