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Default IBA and the basic uniform

For my campaign, The players all have the Basic Uniform (AC7) plus they and commonly due wear the IBA with Plates. Yes Its Heavy (About 20pds), But It will stop an AK-47 Round at close Range. When Layered with the MP uniform its a lot of protection and yes the players have taken a burst from a M60 at 8 meters and lived. IT broke a rib, stunned the player, Broke the IBA ceramic chest plate, and made a mess of his uniform, but he lived.

I always thought if the MP trained and froze teams, they can afford $2000 body Armour.

The Biggest issues for the teams have been the weight. Its a killer when its hot and there carrying the 80 pds of the Basic Load, but considering a Crossbow Bolt is EF12, the teams put up with it.

Also The Hit chart means players are always getting hit in the legs and arms so the IBA does nothing for the players. The AC7 Basic Uniform helps but does not stop a Bow (EF10 to 14).

I use modern (2010) Us military uniforms made from MP Resistoweave. The Team is in the High Desert so they are all in the desert Tan. IT just makes sense to have teams look like modern military as local government would much more likely work with them if they act like US military forces.

Considering they are equipped like us soldiers, the might as well look like them with MP Badges.
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