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For my own game, I use a two-four digit alpha-numeric system, that identifies group and team number, regardless of location/team type.

These Alpha/Numeric call signs are the basic team/unit identifiers within the Project, and are used in radio communications, written and electronic correspondence, and other media. For example the 2nd Recon Team in Texas is known as Recon Team A-10, or simply A-10. The 3rd MARS Team in Kentucky is known as MARS Team K-98, or simply K-98.

As well, MARS Force units are identified by a two character Alpha prefix ZM (Zulu Mike) denoting them as Regional MARS assets, with a two digit numeric suffix; the first digit denoting the specific region they are assigned to and the second digit representing their specific team number. For example, ZM-30 would indicate the MARS-One/Command Team for MARS Force 3 (Region III). ZM-26 on the other hand would indicate the Mortar Support Team of MARS Force 2 (Region II).

Bases also use the two-four digit alpha-numeric identifiers are used by the Project to identify Support Division assets and the other Project Special-Purpose teams. Examples include:

Project Launch Facility (UL-10);
Project Hospital Installations (VF-1-10); and
Project Farm Groups (XF-1-10)

As well, Support Teams have designators such as:

Admin/Liaison Teams (DL-##).
Supply Base Teams (DS-##).
Maintenance/Recovery Teams (DR-##).

I have others of course, but I think you get the idea.

Anyway, I've found this works for me over the years; your results may vary...

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