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While not directly related to TMP, two thoughts come to mind based on what you mentioned.

The first is the scenario Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright for Twilight: 2000, 1st Ed. in Challenge issue 37. In this scenario, the PCs are hired by someone in Florida to hunt & kill some tigers that have been attacking livestock but recently killed a child. The tigers were from some African safari park and escaped during the Twilight War.
So yeah, definitely a problem for anyone, predatory big cats on the loose.

The second thought is of the third movie version of I Am Legend in which Will Smith's character encounters wild animals roaming around the streets. Since the humans have significantly decreased in number, nature is reclaiming the cities and a number of animals escaped the zoos and wildlife parks and survived to populate the places formerly occupied by humans.

This end part of this clip in particular, is what I'm thinking of (the beginning is just out and out stupid shit, screaming around in a muscle car trying to gun down some panicking animals... but the end illustrates the point you are asking about)
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