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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
Which also potentially gives some "astounding" situations in the game, "the one that got away" won't just be a tale told by fishermen. Imagine if the Team hears tales of water monsters grabbing children who stray too close to riverbank, then later they hear tales of "the biggest fish I ever saw!"
Sure, it's just stories told around the fire at night to keep people amused...

Until the day the Team happens upon the giant catfish inhabiting the river!
Welks Catfish comes to mind,, saw them on an episode of River Monsters.. Cunning fish and get to man eating size. Also the Asian Carp becoming an issue. I have heard that folks have learned how to cook them in such a way that the bones are not a problem nor the greasiness of them as well. I know there is an Elephant sanctuary in Tennessee that is really large. Texas is rampant with Axis, Fallow and Seka Deer as well as Audad Sheep (makes good jerky) Also I know of several private ranches that are actively breeding giraffes and rhinos. They fund these endeavors by breeding african game antelope and sell off the meat or allow hunters to pay $$$$$$$ to hunt the trophy animals. I guess your limited by only your imagination for this..
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