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Originally Posted by knightofrubus View Post
More to the topic has anyone considered what impact the dispersal of Emu and similar birds may have? They're technically livestock and likely in the right climate would do well.
There are a crap to of Emu and Ostrich running around Texas ranches and breeding. I could easily see them continuing to be bred and even running loose around those areas. Emu meat is pretty damned good! and they are fairly easy to maintain and raise. Ostrich are fairly good also and are pretty low maintenance. they seem to be doing well in the SW US so I can easily see them thriving..

I am working on a list of non-native species found on ranches in and around TX, OK, NM,CO. I am really surprised at what I am finding out there!!! Holy crap!! As soon as I get the list done, I may post it if anyone is interested...
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