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With the relative ease to make things like Portland cement, mortar, plaster, lumber, and nails I would expect to see a resurgence of late 18th and early 19th-century building techniques in use in the larger settlements. By the time 150 years have passed, those materials should be easily traded and spread far and wide and be used in other communities as well. In some places, you would see the recycled materials mixed with these building materials.

In more isolated areas, you might see some really primitive techniques used. Things like tipis, wigwams, and longhouses using birch bark and hides to cover them. Plant fibers and inner bark fibers used to make cordage and ropes. It would be easy to get logs as well. I was at a primitive skill gathering one year where one person made a stone ax in about a day. We had a contest between it and a steel hatchet of similar size cutting down a tree. The steel hatchet did win, but only by about five seconds. So I do agree that primitive engineering would be a good skill.

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