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Default Expanding T2013's Careers and Starting Equipment

So I've been going through an exercise to redo the layout of Twilight:2013, rearranging the sections of the book to flow better - such as moving the life paths and character generation section before the skills, pulling the equipment section before the combat section, etc. It's pretty much just a cut and paste job between pdf and Word, but in doing so, I'm looking at some areas of concern.

I'd like to better differentiate Assault Infantry - are these Mountain, Airborne, Mechanized - and how to indicate as such? The Special Ops life paths are too difficult to qualify for - in real life, there are plenty of soldiers wearing Ranger tabs, but the prereqs make it look like your character needs to be an olympic athlete with genius level IQ.

I'm thinking of taking V2.2s careers and formalizing an equivalent first career pass in T2013 - for examples, if you take the skill levels in Assault Infantry, and designate specific levels in specific skills, it is a standard Mech Infantry vs Airborne vs Mountain, etc. I also like the idea of converting the v2.2 prereqs for T2013, but bumping then up to reflect the max starting attributes being one higher than in v2.2.

Thoughts and recommendations?

Also, any recommendations on a list of standard personal equipment by nationality? I'm having difficulty finding what is standard issue kit...
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