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Originally Posted by pmulcahy11b View Post
In a way, it's sort of realistic, in a way it's not. In my Airborne class, we lost over 30%. In Ranger School, we lost close to 50%. Even in Infantry OSUT, we started out with 250 recruits and graduated 197 Infantrymen.

I've never tried it, but loss rate for Delta and DEVGRU candidates is around 90%.

The Commander of the WWII OSS (which spawned both the CIA and SF), COL Bill Donovan, once said, "I'm looking for a Princeton graduate who can win a bar fight -- and not get caught afterwards."
The issue is that the granularity of the careers doesn't distinguish between the equivalent of, say, earning a Ranger tab and being assigned to a special operations-capable unit doing high speed low drag stuff.

I would argue that simulating getting a Ranger tab wouldn't be part of the Special Ops careers. Not taking away the difficulty of Ranger School, but I assume that the "Special Operations Training" career is intended to simulate RASP, SFQC, BUD/S, etc. And "Elite Infantry" would simulate 75th Ranger Rgt, SF, SEALs, etc. It reads like it leads to one of the 18 series SF MOS.

The question becomes then, how do the "Assault Infantry" and "Naval Infantry" fall into the picture. TW2013s rules sort of imply that Assault Infantry could be anything from mechanized infantry 11Bs to 82nd Airborne to 10th Mtn or anything in between. Naval Infantry reads like USMC -or- SEALs.

There's just too little info in the TW2013 career descriptions to be able to fully define which types of unit the various careers are actually trying to simulate.

That, and the careers don't really do a good job (in any edition of the game) of simulating the initial training and qualification - whether 3-week long Airborne school, 62-day Ranger School, Nuclear Power training pipeline (18 months of a million dollar education shoved down my throat a nickel at a time...), or the old 4 week navy apprenticeship training school immediately after boot camp.
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