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Originally Posted by pmulcahy11b View Post
I'd never heard of .32 Extra Short! Now I'll have to come up with something that fires it, eventually...
The Protector Palm Pistol/Turbiaux Disc Pistol (1883-1910) and Remington Rider (1871-1888) are the two guns I know of that fire .32 Extra Short. Remington made a cartridge with a 54 grain bullet, while Winchester put an 80 grain bullet on their .32 Extra Short cartridge, both of which were black powder rimfire rounds. The Imperial War Museum lists it as a 7.65x9mmR, and of course Gun Jesus has a video for that. The Rider has a ~3" barrel and 5 shot tube magazine, while the Protector has a 1.75" barrel and 7 shots in a rotary magazine.
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