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Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
I believe the majority of people have a similar opinion. The rules aren't perfect, but with just a little more polishing they could well have been.
The setting on the other hand....
Well. It *is* difficult to prognosticate the future in a world where information moves quickly. When the V1 rules were created, the timeline was based upon a well-developed existing cold war that goes hot and a phone call was the fastest way to communicate. The news cycle want 24/7.

I'm the 90s when v2/2.2 was made, the internet was just starting to become a thing (Gopher search was it, and Mosaic was the tool for this WWW thing.). When T:2013 was created, you could get the news on YouTube. Now? We got to see a Myanmar coup live in real time on a Twitter feed.

It's not my cup of tea, but I hold no ill will for the T:2013 authors. Their timeline has events that have been seen in multiple post-apoc media depictions: Under the Dome, The Walking Dead, Jericho, etc.

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