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There is nothing in the RDF Sourcebook about the Suez Canal nor is there anything in the core rule book of V1.

In all likely hood it wasn't thought of by the designers at the time. The same sort of question could be asked of the Panama Canal. Without heavy equipment to dig out anything. It wouldn't be hard to close the Suez and keep it close for a while. There are no locks to the system, like there are with other canals like the Saint Lawrence or Panama, it is strictly level to the Med and the Red Sea. So a ship sunk in the canal or blocking the entrance or exit to Bitter Lake, would close the canal till that could be dug out. Do it and have enough terror attacks against the salvage crews and you have a major situation on your hands.

Historically, the canal was closed in 1967 that was a precursor to the Six Day War and the entrance at Port Said and Port Tewfik in the city of the Suez where mined as well as selected points along the canal in 1973. It took the US, RN, and USSR a full year from 1974 till 1975 to clear the canal for safe transit.

Want to have a potential game situation, look up the Yellow Fleet. A set of 15 ships that were stuck in the canal from 1967 till 1975 from a number of nations awaiting their chance to get out and go home.
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