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Yes, it's clearly Turkish opportunism and aggression. They need to be dealt with harshly, and the measures currently being put into place will likely do just that without risking western lives.
Of course it's come to this because of certain parties meddling in the region over the last decade or two. Without that destabilisation we probably wouldn't have had the Syrian civil war, the hordes of refugees (both real and "economic migrants/opportunists), the troubles Europe is experiencing (including, but certainly not limited to the yellow vest protests in France), Brexit (possibly), and a host of other issues effecting not only the two countries involved, not even the region, but the entire continent and beyond.
Just goes to show that small(ish) actions in one place can have massive impact elsewhere - aka the butterfly effect.
If it moves, shoot it, if not push it, if it still doesn't move, use explosives.

Nothing happens in isolation - it's called "the butterfly effect"

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