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Originally Posted by cawest View Post
I would like to know more about the story line of Twilight 2020. I saw the 2011 post but they were only a few of them
I'm doing a homebrew 2020. I'd be using either the Cyberpunk 2020 rules for more lethality(!) or just use the 2.2 edition rules. When I use CP202 I use a lot of the 2.2. edition rules anyway.

Originally Posted by guncrazy View Post
Hmm maybe I'll check it out. I'd be interested in your game.

I played in the one game with 9 players. Unfortunately I had to bow out due to time issues.
I'm in love with riverine games. I was thinking of running a game on the Yangtse River in China in a setting where the US is fighting China and Russia. It's still in the concept phase though.
Also, big disclaimer, I'm a career civilian so military people may be disappointed in my inability to understand a lot of military concepts (no matter how hard I try!)
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