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Default Drones for the Project and for Survivors.

Has anyone thought about this?

Really, the drone revolution has only really taken off in the last few years and its quite practical for GMs to wash their hands of the whole drone concept. For a start its very nature means less adventure. The PCs, secure in their MPV, sit back an reconnoiter an area with a drone. Seeing raiders they prudently avoid the area . . .
. . . but this can be a good thing. Rather than have your PCs find out a place is too tough the hard way a drone can give them stand-off observation. Also, if you are going to have power armour in the game then drones make perfect sense. It would be a bit odd to have such an advanced technology available and not have drones.

Drones are of course quite vulnerable and a shotgun will make a mess of one. Given current technology combining armour and small aircraft just isn't possible. They also are often quite noisy which offsets their scouting abilities, and it's likely that the older they get - you can't get new ones - then the noisier they'll be.

Drones essentially come in various types. We'll consider three major categories and then some subcategories.

- Airborne
- - Fixed Wing
- - Rotary
- Groundborne
- - Tracked/Wheeled
- - Leg
- Waterborne
- - Surface
- - Submersible

There's a correlation between range and size when designing them. Also the bigger the drone the more functions the sensors can be carried, tine drones can only carry a camera. Also larger drones are needed for payloads. While it's unlikely that suicide drones will still be in use so long after the apocalypse the PCs can at least have a sigh of relief over that!
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