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Default Col. Augustus Del Marcio

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Colonel Del Marcio is the representative of the former MilGov Asia organization.

The colonel is a former 101st Airborne Division soldier,and a good one at that .He has extensive knowledge of the Middle East ,speaks Arabic,Pashto and Tagalog as well as English and Spanish .He has participated in several major campaigns and is known to be a cunning adversary .

he now resides in the Militia barracks `officers quarters with his family of 4.

When afoot he usually turns out wearing regulation uniform,personal body armour and weapons such as his M4 and his Kimber made M1911A1.
A bodyguard of 3 normally accompanies the colonel -although his reassuring manners and quiet persuasiveness makes him a popular and respected leader .

His work centers on getting an agreement on -and the organizaton for a Volunteer Militia up and running .


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