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Default Mrs. Sheila DeVone

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Council Woman Sheila DeVone originally hails from Louisiana .She is the elected council woman for the civilian part of the former MilGov refugees that have settled in Eureka.

She is a mother of 5 ,grandmother of 11 and is considered a maternal authorithy by all in the contingent -military or civillian alike.

She puts her full faith and her life in the hands of our Lord and Jesus Christ ,and she will not abide cussing, foul language or behaviour.This is a sure way to get on her bad side -a place much dreaded by most who know her.But she is a forgiving type as all good Christiansd are ,and if you are willing to repent she will take you into her heart again .

She can be a hard negotiator and have seen her share of action ,both as a nurse in the trauma ward during MilGovs attacks on PacGov in hawaii in 2017 and 18 ,but also with her Remington 870 in her hands if wayward children of God are up to no good.


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