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Default Mr. Herbert Melchior Bundt

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Mr Bundt is the representative elected to speak for the people who lived in the Eureka area before th erecent influx of refugees.

He is a meticulous man ,always careful in chosing his words and very deliberate when deciding .He doesnt like to be put on the spot in any way ,and easily gets flustered.His decisions are ,however long in coming they may be ,very well informed and balanced.

He lives with his wife ,and his greater family that consists of his children ,inlaws,afew friends of the family and their kids as well as an old gardner they have taken in and 11 dogs.All in all 32 people .

Mr.Bundt has a hidden side though .He won the regional boxing championhips for amateurs ,middle weight class in 1978 and 80.This is several weight classes ago .


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