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Default MacIntyre

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MacIntyre is the town drunk.He is an elderly man that has gotten by on his own for decades .Rumour has it he is a war veteran -though no one can say for sure.

In the world of T2K most people dress in whatever rags they can find from before the Twilight fell.This means that MacIntyre doesnt stick out in a negative way on account of his clothes no more.Having fended for himself for so long ,he actually commands a natural respect as he knows wher stuff can be found.

He sometimes hires out as a "consultant" wheneversomeone in town needs something found.Some of his pay is alway sdrawn in alcholic beverages .To see him for a business meeting requires paying the consultant fee of one half litre of spirits.

He has an old Redwood stub outside of town as well as his own spot on the notices board by the town hall ,were people can leave notes for him .
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