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Default Muktar Ibrahim

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Muktar Ibrahim

a black market entrepreneur, a paranoid man who tok to many precautions before the war. Well atleast that is what was thought about him, untill all the others also saw the end, of civilized society, moving towards them.

known for his ruthless maners, a bad drunk, and has developed a great drug problem, he is often in the mist of "troubles", late night brawls and other stuff, as he sobers up he always manages to get out of his mess, either with bribes/buyoffs or threaths.

he does not let anybody near his buisniss, and even as the though/bad guy rumor he has, he also has a rumor of helping the common people of eureka, a robin hood like crook, as long as you dont owe him, ofcourse.
he has saved many people peddling blackmarket drugs, like penecilin and other medical supplies, to an affordable prise, when the crisis is at it most, but as drug pedler he is no giving guy, sometimes it seems he has a psychological problem.

he aspects payment, always, and as the bumbersticker says on his rigged up oldsmobile, "ass gras or gas, either way youre gonna pay"

he is always acompanied whith two guards, twin brothers, carrying mac-10, and a handpiece, that seems to differ, from time to time. Muktar is carrying a hunting rifle with 6x scope. it is told he hit a card hold by a man from 250yards, in the rain.

the twins, is the closest Muktar comes to family.

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