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Default Harry "Lowrider" Barkley-Smith

As a former pilot working for SWA (South Western Airlines) and with experience with turboprop and jet-engines he has lots of credetions by the locals of Eureka. Took over controll of the Eureka Airfield after the 2nd civil war. He is very glad to have the new factions increase the city's airpower. He is conserned about the current fuel situation. He has 4 bodyguards that follows him. In the airtraffic controll tower he usually spends his days,thinking of how things used to be,he is a vicious shot with his Barret .50BMG and has installed armor skirts to the top of the airtraffic controll tower (chain operated)

Barkley-Smith is a meticulous man ,paying great attention to detail .Some belive his involvement in the airfield to be a psycological condtion to compensate for the loss of family and friends.he is very protective of the operation ,and always on the council members back to get more supplies and manpower .
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