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Default Chumash "Spirit Walker " Taima

Chumash (55) is considered the local native Indian Spokesman and he has a semi-burned down house in the center of Eureka. He is a skilled herbalist with extensive knowledge of local and non-local plants.He grew up in north California, but left the Indian reservation,when he saw that his fellow natives reduced themself to a shadow of their former self, with extensive drinking. He travelled for many years (India, Afrika, Australia, Norway, Russia, France, Brazil, Turkey) learning all he could from the local shamans and similar spirituel people. He is a master archer and hunter. He has one of the last functioning stables still operational (63 horses) (He refuses to sell any for materialistic thing,but maybe for a service?)
He is kind of feared by the locals in Eureka,but high command puts it of as superstitions. He is rumored to have cursed a local merchant that delivered bad food to natives.
He also owns a sailboat "SANUYE" (Red cloud at sundown) (Miwok) (40ft) wich he uses as his home. For the moment he struggles to get a seat in Eureka's Council, on behalf of his people wich numbers around 220. For the moment the counsil has declined all his pleas to sit in with them on the grounds that his group is too small to get any special treatment. The counsil situation still angers him since in his eyes this is his peoples land that have been taken and destroyed.
The only one of the newly arrived factions he has had any contact with so far ,is General Pain - this is because in the early days of PACGOV ,GP tried to recruit all the local native tribes of California,it failed but they still have contact with eachother. He seems to have some issues with GP because it reminds him of the forbidden religions of the ancients.

The old ones spoke of the scaled demons that would walk on two like a man and devour the living .Their drawings look alot like a man wearing the heavy infantry armour popular among some of the warlord factions in the 2nd American Civil war.

The white men took the land away from the true people in the early 1800s ,and expelled the indians.But now it seems that the white man is ill with a desease of the mind that makes him burn everything he has and kill all that he see to try and hurt the earth .But he will only make himself disappear and leave room once more for the tribes of the "Klamath" -the North.

Rumour has it that he used to be a top executive in an alternative medicine company before the wars .

He really enjoys speaking what he calls "movie -injun" to people whiter than him self .(He might be of mixed descent.)This is just hearsay though.
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