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Default Ulysses "Monkeywrench" Thumberton

Ulysses (62) lives with his family (wife 4 kids) in Randall Street,Eureka. He has recently opened a garage where he repaires car motors. For the moment biznizz is slow due to the lack of spare parts, but he has gotten a deal with the city council that supplies him and his family with food and water for his services. He served in the first Gulf War as a mechanic, so he has seen some action. He usually carries a 9mm handgun.

He is seen as another light in the darkness of what was once a thriving community.

The war(s) has taken it's toll to his mental and physical health though,so he usually can be found with cheap booze on his breath, and some radiation-damage (unknown amaount) after beeing in a holonist refugee/slave camp some kilometers outside Fresno before it was nuked. This has given him a conundrum however...Does he hate the ones nuking Fresno which in retrospect gave him his freedom back...

In his spare time he is either home with his family or drunk at the House of Pain.

Rumors have it that he knows the whereabouts of the hated General Stalingrad of the Holonists, this however is usually regarded as drunk-talk by the other patrons in the local community.
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